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Meal Prep: The Joys of Meal Prepping

Have you ever considered meal prep? It’s easier to start, and there’s many benefits to it!

Here’s 5 reasons why I would recommend you start right now!

1. The Time you Will Save

With meal prep, the hard works already done! Whether you buy freshly made meals delivered straight to your door at the beginning of the week, or you precook all your prepped meals on a Sunday evening, when you come home from your work at night all you have to do is walk from the fridge to the microwave/or oven! 

2. Meal Prep Helps to Reduce Stress

The last thing on your mind after a long day at work is making a nutritious meal. With your meal ready in minutes, there is less stress and creates a relaxing night-time routine, giving you extra time to unwind in the evening. 

3. Meal Prep Reduces Food Waste

In 2019, there was an estimated 4.5 million tonnes of food waste from the UK alone (Smithers 2020). This includes that veg you bought thinking you might have one night, or the loaf of bread you fancied maybe for lunch one day but totally forgot about. With meal prepping, you only need to buy what you need, and reduces the amount of forgotten food at the back of the fridge.

4. You’ll Save Money by using Meal Prep

With food wastage comes loss. Money thrown down the drain every time you throw out old food! Meal prepping means you only buy what you need, reducing the size of the weekly shop. Also saves from buying last minute, unhealthy, take-outs that can be expensive! 

5. Your Health

Your health should always be your top priority! By using a meal prep delivery service, you are improving not only your mental health by reducing stress, but your physical health too! With meal prepping keeping portion control, each meal can be customised to your personal diet plan. With breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks  covered, it stops from straying to unhealthy ‘fast-food’ which can throw off a whole weeks work!

Still curious? Why not head to Gymmies Kitchen to check out some of the fresh (and tasty) meals on offer. Choose your ideal diet, and some of your favourite foods and see how it can change your life.

Team GK


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