Gymmies Kitchen compostable container

Compostable Containers: On a Journey to Plastic Free

Do you use compostable containers for your meal-prepping? Or do you still receive your meals in plastic packaging?

The effect of plastic.

Did you know each mile along the British coastline contains 5,000 pieces of plastic? 88% of the world’s sea surface is covered in plastic, and problem is getting worse, with nearly another 14 million tonnes estimated to enter the ocean in the next 12 months!

Over 2 million tonnes of plastic packaging is used in the UK every year(Smith, 2020)! This is a large problem in the meal prep industry, where if a customer who orders at least a meal for each day will have to dispose of around 365 plastic boxes. Even if plastic tubs are reusable, they take up cupboard space. They are also not very reliable, and will crack and break with time.

That’s why we are excited to say that we replaced our old plastic tubs with 100% compostable containers!🌱

Our journey to compostable containers.

It was our personal goal to reduce the amount of plastic we as a company use, and we are happy to be going a step in the right direction! These compostable containers were something we wanted to bring ion from the start of our journey. We do still have a plastic film over the top as lids, but we are still reducing our plastic use by over 50%!

We haven’t compromised on quality for this change either, our compostable containers are suitable to go in the oven up to 220 degrees and will last in the freezer for 30 days! And less plastic means less cracks or damage, giving your food better protection💪 

Why don’t you check it out yourself, click here to order your next Gymmies Kitchen meals today, and help us do our bit to help save our seas!🌊

Thank you for joining us on our journey to plastic free,

Team GK


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