Promoting good health & nutritious food.

Our Story

We’re serious about your health & fitness.

Over the last three years we’ve been working hard to bring fresh and healthy meals delivered direct to your door, week in, week out. As we build our brand to be your UK meal prep company of choice, saving you time and fuelling your healthy lifestyle, we are always looking for innovative ways to help you reach your goals.

To create a sustainable business, we strive for a healthy work life balance. We also know that to have a life-long approach to health and fitness, that it needs to be a balanced effort. Our nutritious and calorie counted meal plans take the stress out of eating healthy, allowing you to focus and spend time on the other areas of your life.

Everything we have achieved to date is down to you guys, so a massive thank you from all of the team at Gymmies Kitchen for choosing us to #fuelyourlife.

Our Team

Jason McNelly Read more

Jason McNelly

Head of Food and New Product Development

Jason has over 30 years experience as a chef. Trained in Paris at a young age and then proceeding to work across the Roux brothers' Michelin Star portfolio across London. He then worked up the ranks to become a Head Chef and further on to Executive Chef for the most recent part of his career. Jason is an excellent chef with an amazing attention to detail. He runs a tight ship and has the highest standards of cleanliness in his kitchens as all chefs should. His passion for food is second to none and loves what he does here at Gymmies Kitchen.

Jason and his wife Jill have a dog, a cat and two rabbits that they love very much! He's a big softy. We love Jason!

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Ryan Leslie

Founder / Director

Ryan has been brought up in the hospitality industry since birth. His immediate family all work in hospitality. He has a massive love for good food, good service and building Gymmies Kitchen to be the best it can be.

Megan Syme

Production Manager

Megan is the longest reigning member of the Gymmies Kitchen team and the engine wouldn't run without her. She is very passionate about her job and ensures every single order is correct and to the standards that Gymmies Kitchen sets.

In her spare time she enjoys baking with Jo our Production Chef!

Jo Holmes

Production Chef

Jo has cheeky smile and loves to wind us all up in the kitchen. She's a committed member of the team that will do anything to ensure the meals leave our kitchen with the respect and love they deserve.

In her spare time she enjoys baking with Megan!

Dylan Finlay

Production Chef

Dylan started with us whilst at college and is still there training to become a professional chef. He started with little experience as a kitchen assistant and now knows his way about the kitchen like he's been here for years.

In Dylans spare time he likes rock and roll, playing his guitar and riding his motorbike. Rock on Dylan!


Production Operative

Katerina or Kat as she is called in our team has been an amazing addition to her team. Reliable, efficient and will never let us down.

Kat in her spare time taught herself how to code and enjoys reading books.

Joanne "Wee Jo" Graham

Kitchen Assistant

Joanne is the one that makes sure our kitchen is spic and span. She also helps get some food prep done and likes to make Jason a wee tea in the morning, and lunch time and dinner time!

Wee Jo is a golden nugget that we've welcomed into our team with open arms. She's a wee cutie!

Eve Richmond

Marketing and Customer Satisfaction Executive

Eve is the one that makes sure you here about whats going on in GK. She is amazing at dealing with any problems our customers may have and will gladly take on any feedback you may have for us.

Eve is currently at University studying Marketing.